What is it we do here at JP Custom Components?


We are a provider of after market parts for the off road trials and motocross scene. The reason for this is that there is becoming a serious shortage of good second hand parts for these motorcycles. Many of the parts are 40 years old, which means the original part have rusted or had hard lives due to the riding environment. As well as producing the parts, we try too produce a superior part to the OEM original. Modern engineering technologies open doors for this market which were just not avaible in the late 70’s and 80’s. This advance in technology lets us produce strong, high quality produts at an affordable price.


What other services do we offer?


As well as producing parts for these motocycles we can build and restore your bike to your specification and budget. Many people enjoy a fully stock bike and other love the custom performance look. We can restore a bike from the ground up and if needed source a bike for your needs. We thrive in producing the highest quality motocycles possible, we do this with local powder coating, chroming and wheel building services. However, we understand not everyone can afford the dream brand new vintage bike, don’t worry we can arrange with yourself to produce the best product for you and your budget.