Honda ATC 250 Build

This is a Honda ATC trike which has been sat inside a old farm out nuilding for over 20 years. This is a 1985-1986 model machine meaning that some of the oarts are hard to find / source. However despite this the final out come turned out well! Many parts were needed to be re-comitioned on this machine, new carburettor, filters, bolts, seals and gaskets were just some of the things needed for this task. Everything was stripped and greased and replaced if needed. Akso all of the parts were either powdercuated or painted to ensure the life of the trike for the future. There were many challenges along the path of restoring this trike but despite this the machine is now good for whatever farm life has to throw at it! These photos show the before and after of the restoration.


Completed Honda ATC 250:

1981 Gori G81 MR500 build

This 406cc Rotax gori was a great find for me, the bike had been stood for many years in a wearhouse. This meant the bike needed a full rebuild to be recomitioned. The bike was all there and the engine turned over. Once i got the bike home it was stripped and many parts sent to powdercoating and paint. Whist this was happening we decided to split the engine to replace the main bearings and dry crank seals. Suprisingly the bike is still on standard bore and sounds fantastic! This indicates that the bike has not had a hard life from new. After the engine was rebuilt it was painted in the distinctive bright orange. With the engine back in the freshly powdercoated frame and swinging arm the forks and wheels were fitted along with brand new piggy Falcon sjhocks to get this bike rolling. After this the plastics were fully cleaned and a new sticker kit fitted. All new cables, tyres and a full stainless nut and bolt refurb were added to create the bike. The only thing which let this bike down was the front pipe, it was like many other ones out there, old and had some dents. This was replaced with a fully one off custom stainless steel system and a ex-GP carbon 20stoke silencer. I am over the moon with how the bike urned out and now cant wait to start the next build.



1981 Maico MC 250

This bike was bought many years ago and had already had lots of the work done do it. However, like with many things they are not up to stabdard. So the work began, the bike needed a new fuel tak, new front pipe, new kickstart, new kickstart mesh gear as these are a common issue with the maico’s, (especially when there is teeth missing). New sticker kit and just a general tidy as a hole made this bike look great!




1979 Kawisaki KX80 custom motocross bike

This bike was a true money no object for my personal interest and to try deliver something different to the sxene. Y bought the first pieces for this project of a social media platform for £300. An engine and original frame was the ideal platform to produce a modern day take on a little hiden gem of the 70’s race scene. With a full restoration and loads of custom work done such as exhaust and KTM kickstart shaft fitted. The engine was fully rebuilt with new piston, bearings and seals. Also a modern bigger crank connecting rod was fitted to allow strength and performance.. This was followed up by the wheels being rebuilt with black rims and stainless spokes. The list of parts which were involved in this project is just too long to list however the pictures speak for themselves! If anyone has any questions about these little bikes please feel free to contact me.

Fantiv Motor 200 1981 twinshock trials bike

This little Fantic 200 had been outside for around 15 years and had grown into the undergrowth over that time. A gentleman approched me after bieng given this bike from his nabour. His intention was for his son to ride this in classic events, however his son is a works rider for a top team so the bike had to be a sleeper with functional modifications while looking from the 80’s. All the usual restoration steps happened with this bike to start with. After the engine was rebuilt and frame modifications happened we started on the rider functionality. Aprilia TXR Marzochi  forks were rebuilt and fitted with upgraded springs hidden in some red powdercoat, Rockshock rear suspensions with custom spring rates, flanged tubeless rear wheel, Green Grip brake solution liners for improved braking performance. The bike rides very well and will do the new owners proud at the classic trials events.



1986 Honda RTL 250 S

This bike arrived at JP Custom Components in a sad state with no wheels and very origonal shape. The bike was fully stripped and the usual procedure undertaken with powdercoating, zinc plating and a total nut and bolt rebuild. The tank seat unit was also re-painted in Rothmons motosport colours which complements the gold wheels well. The brakes have also been relined with my green grip solution to stop the terrible brakes these Hondas are known for, due to this the brakes work very well. Some frame modifications were also done to strengthan the suspension point which fails under high load and stress. i did this with a bolt on bracket and a weld in section to the subframe. Many other parts have had lots of work done to acheive this standard of bike. Overall i am very pleased with the Honda RTL 250 build and would love to doanother when the oppatunity comes up.

Fantic 300 twinshock trials bike

This is a 1984 fantic 300 trials bike which we fully restored and built from a series of parts which i have stored for years. The engine was fully rebuilt with all new parts. The frame and swing arm has been powdercoated and all the hardwear zinc plated, The front forks are from a 241 fantic and the brake plate is from an enduro bike because the cam and bolt position are oposite to the standard item. The rear wheel rim is a tubeless flanged wheel from a TR34 beta aircooled mono. All new bearings and ccables makes the bike a great addition to the customers collection. The whole bike has been restored or moderfied to ensure a great riding experience.

Fantic 305 Mono-shock project
This bike was fully re-built from the groumd up. Frame stripped and powdercoated, All bearings replaced and every part refurbishd or replaced. The rear wheel was rebuilt with a Talon period correct hub and 315R Montesa wheel rim. The front end is also from a Montesa 315R along with the brake systems. The bike also has a brand new rear shock and rebuilt linkage bearings and bushes. The bike also has a hydrolic clutch due to being a Fantic section bottom end with a 307 top end. A brand new Delorto carburettor means the bike runs very well, in addition to this the bike has a JP Custom Components aluminium intake manifold. I am extremly pleased with how this bike turned out, due to this i am having this bike at Telford classic dirtbike show.