Payment Option’s

There is many different options for payment at JP Custom Components. The list below shows the different ways of payment that we offer, I am happy to use which ever one suits you the best! However, you must be aware the cash and cheque options do take longer to process. This is due to postage time and the cheque’s have to clear in the bank before a product will be sent. To avoid this issue we offer Paypal and bank transfer options . Please contact Josh via the contact section on this site to arrange the payment and other purchase information.
PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to pay with Paypal please ensure that the transaction is done via a personal one and not as a business as heavy fee’s occur at the sellers end. This is much appreciated as I try to make my products as affordable as possible and if these fee’s happen it makes this harder to achieve.
Payment Option’s
>  Paypal
>  Bank transfer
>  Cash
>  Cheque
Returns Policy
Returning items back to JP Custom Components & Restoration is no issue. We pride in ensuring that our customers are happy with there products and enjoy the parts they have bought. Quality and well engineered products is our goel, however due to being hand made items there can be varibles. Another factor which customers may not realise is that the bikes which our products are aimed at are 40 years old, this means the bikes may have had 40 years of changes or abuse. These changes can lead to parts not fitting as they should. However I am ALWAYS happy to help with anything you may need to know or ensure your satisfaction with an item!
If you are wanting to return an item please note that a money refund can only be issued If the product is in the condition it was sent out in. If the item is damaged upon return money will not be given back. However I am happy to speak with anyone to work out the best answer for everyone to ensure satisfaction if an item has been damaged.
Brexit trade deal UK
Due to the UK leaving the EU trading outside of our boarders has created some issues with boarder condrols and packages being held and delayed. However we have the correct codes and paperwork to prevent / lower the customs charges. We are always here to help and ensure we keep our international customers happy and always want to prevent unknown charges. If anyone has any questions regarding shipping please feel free to contact me before ordering and we can always help in getting the best shipping for you abd your needs.