Fantic 240 Stainless Steel Front Pipe Exhaust
Here for sale is a brand new stainless steel front pipe for a Twinshock Fantic 240. This is a stand out item for any vintage trials bike and will get you seen at any event. Also weighing just 800g gives a weight saving due to the original item being 1.64kg. A direct replacement exhaust ensures having no issues with fitting this product. Also due to the design is easier to fit than standard, which any Fantic owner knows is the worst job to undertake. If anyone has any questions about these exhausts please contact me through the details on this site. Thanks for viewing.
£285.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Fantic 200 Minerelli two-piece stainless steel exhaust system
Brand new stainless steel exhaust system for the rear kick 200. This has been designed in a way to make sure the fitment and removal is much easier than stock. Also due to there constrtion they are lighter than the origonal item, this is always a key facter when making exhausts at JP Custom Components & Restoration. The 2 sections of exhaust have a simple quick connection for easy servicing. We are very pleased with all the exhausts we have sold here and are always happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email.
£285.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Fantic 300 stainless steel exhaust system
brand new lightweight exhaust system for a Fantic 300. At 1kg lighter than the standard unit these are an ideal replacement for any trials rider out there whether its looks or performance you require these exhausts cover it all. They are a direct replacement for the standard exhaust which makes fitting these no issue. Combining the looks of these exhausts and the unique crisp sound you will be sure to stand out of any start line! If anyone requires anymore infomation please contct Josh via the contact infomation porvided.
£295.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Fantic fuel cap kit
Brand new fuel cap for Fantic 200, 240, 300, 201, 241, 301 and other quater turn fuel tanks. included in the kit is everything needed to prevent fuel leaks and a possative tight feel. what will you recieve? you will get a complete and assembled new fuel cap which is ready to install. We have worked hard to develop this item and are extremly proud of selling this to the classis trials comunity. Please feel free to ask any questions by using the contact infomation on this site.
£55.00 EXC Delivery
Fantic Motor Toolbox Lids
Brand new Fantic trials tool box lids made from plastic composite matieral and finished off in satin black. These have been made to an extremly high standard to ensure better fitment than standard. Finish off your bike with these little touches to make your bike look 100% show or event ready. For any more infomation please feel free to call or email.
£20.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Fantic 5 / 7 / 9 series airbox intake trumpets

These are a replacement part for the top of the airbox in any 5, 7 or 9 series fantic. They help to prevent dirt from entering the intake system of your engine without hindering the air flow.

£22.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Fantic Motor fropnt sprocket guard
brand new aluminium heavy duty sprocket guard which will fit all forward kick fantic models. Simily fit with 3 M5 bolts and its ready to go! Will protect your chain and sprocket from dirt and stones which may lead to chain issues. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
£15.00 INC Delivery (UK)

brand new billet flywheel cover
This is a brand new billet aluminium cover for the later mono-shock models. The casing is a direct replacement for the plastic origonal with all the origonal feachure. The casing can be painted or coated to your own taste. The casing will arrive plain aluminium.
£130.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Brand new fantic reed valve sump guards
These are a high qyality marine grade aluminium. They will fit all of the following models: 205, 245, 305, 247, 307, 249, 3089, coach, clubman, KROO. These come with all the hardwear to fit the item.
£70.00 INC Delivery (UK

Fantic 300 Aluminium sump guards
These are a high quality replacement guard for any twinshock Fantic 300 pro. Made from high quality marine grade alloy ensures a hard wearing product which will stand up to the trials sections. These are a direct replacement for the origonal item. For any questions please feel free to contact me via the details on this site.
£70.00 INC Deliery (UK)

Fantic 200 rear kick sump guards

These are a high quality 6mm thickness marine grade aluminium. They are strong and a direct replacement for the OEM plastic guards coming complete with stainless steel mounting bracket.

£65.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Fantic 240 / 200 forward kick sump guards

These are a high quality marine grade aluminium sump guard. Due to being 6mm thick allows them to be stong and durable to the hardest trials secrions. They are a direct replacement part to replace the OEM plastic guard.

£65.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Fantic 5 / 7 / 9 series rear mudguards

Brand new genuine rear mudguards for all the late model air cooled bikes. These items come un-drilled so will need drilling to fit.

£120.00 INC Deliery (UK)

Fantic 305 / 307 / 309 Aluminium intake manifold kit
This is a intake manifold kit to replace the origonal part. The advantage of this manifold is the rubber intake hose is cheap and easily accesable if it ages or cracks over time. Also if you want to run a different carburettor it is easily adapted with different size hoses. you will receive:
1.) Aluminium intake manifold
2.) Rubber hose
3.) Quality gasket
4.) 2X clips
£42.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Fantic 300 billet complete front brake plate kit
Here we have a brand new billet brake plate which has been based on the 300 (249cc) twubsgock with the adjustable cam position. Everything in this kit is 100% brand new with stainless steel adjuster plate, stainless steel cam arm, new cam, new EBC brake shoes, billet aluminium brake plate finished in black anodising and stainless hardwear. This is a product we have been working on for a long time and am extremly proud of how they turned out. These are a direct replacement for anybody with a 125mm Grimeca wheel such as, SWM, Gori, Italjet, Beta, Fantic. If anyone has any questions about this product please feel free to contact me via the infomation on this site.
£250.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Fantic Motor Billet Front Brake Arm
Brand new front billet torque arm for the Fantic trials models. Ths is an ideal replacement for the original pressed steel unit. Finished in a black anodised finish and engraved with the JP Custom Components & Restoration logo allows a quality look and feel. These have been produced from the highest quality aluminium to give guarenteed strength and stability. These may also fit other trials models so if you would like more info and measurements please feel free to contact us anytime.
£25.00 INC Delivery (UK

Fantic 300 front brake arm

Brand new aluminium front brake arm for the adjustable style brake plate and standard fantic drum brake forks. This is an ideal upgrade for anyone with the steel OEM part.

£15.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Brand New M7 Grimeca Sprocket Bolts
Brand new M7 Grimeca sprockete as a full set of 6. Fr anymore infomation please feel free to call or email for more info.
£4.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Plastic Chain Rollers (Stainless Steel Bearing and Bush)
These chain rollers are an excellent replacement for the original mild steel versions. Nine times out of ten the roller will fail due to the bearing becoming to rusty to turn. this will never happen. You can use these until the roller is  worn! 40mm diameter.
£10.00 INC Delivery (UK)
Green Grip Over-size / Standard Re-line Brake Shoes Service
These brake shoes are designed so that you can order two different sizes of shoe material, 4.0mm for standard drums and 4.8mm for worn drums. PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the correct size of break liner,  measure the diameter of the drum, then measure the shoe diameter, (on the brake plate) and let me know these two measurements before sending the brake shoes. This helps when your drum liner is worn from 40 years of breaking! Just send me your old shoes and let me know the size you would like and i’ll turn them around as fast as possible. Many people struggle with break shoes, they buy standard shoes and find they run out of adjustment in 5 minutes. This is because the drums are too big for the shoe diameter, these solve this issue. As well as this the material which is on the shoes is superior to the original. Many people assume that the Fantic 300 brake plates are the answer to getting better brakes, save your money and buy these. I have no doubts you’ll notice the difference, wet or dry conditions.
£30.00 Per Set EXC Delivery
PLEASE NOTE: This process can take up to a couple of weeks depending on shoe quantities. Please contact me for more information.
Motorcycle Kill Ignition Switch
All motorcycles in my personal opinion should be fitted with a kill switch. This is for safety and if you need to stop the bike in an emergency! Essential item for off-road use. Easy to fit and install. Any further questions please feel free to contact me.
£6.50 INC delivery (UK)
Fantic Motor Beanie Style Hats
These  are a brilliant quality product which makes an ideal present or just for yourself. They are made from a material which allows one size to fit all and be very comfortable. For any more information please contact Josh through the contact section of this site.
£12 or 2 for £20 EXC Delivery
Brand New Fantic Motor T-Shirts
Brand new high quality t-shirts with an embroidered Fantic motor logo on the left side of the chest. These are a great product to have either for your self or to give as a gift! Available in either size M or L.  If anyone has any further questions please contact Josh through the telephone number provided. Thanks.
£20.00 or 2 for £35.00 INC Delivery (UK)