Yamaha TY250 twinshock slimline oil pump cover (Majisty style)

Brand new TY250 plastic composite oil pump cover for a twinshock yamaha model (B). These give a great look and slim the front of the engine down. This case eliminates the oil pump for the engine lubricant which means you will have to pre-mix your fuel. This is a simular style to the Majisty compotition ones which were avaible in the era. These are a super high quality item which are a direct replacment for the origonal unit. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call me through the infomation via this site.

£55.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Yamaha TY175 slimine oil pump cover

brand new plastic composite oil pump covers for compotition use with no auto-lube. This is a super slimline cover which gives the look of a YZ cover for a fraction of the cost. These come complete with a genuine gasket ready to bolt on! If anyone has any questions please ask.

£48.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Yamaha TY250 aluminium ignitio covers

These are going to be a very high qyality aluminium ignition cover for all the ty mono-shock range. We are hoping to price these to be super afforable at £60.00! We are currently working on the molds to make these items, as soon as i have some ready for the market i will post them on social media and this site.

Yamaha TY Mono Stainless Front Pipe

This is a brand new Yamaha TY Mono stainless front pipe. Made from stainless steel ensures it will not weather from the elements and look perfect. They have been designed to be the best Yamaha front pipe on the market! Lighter and more durable than the standard product ensures a superior bike than left the factory. They come with all the hardware needed to fit the pipe including stainless flange and nuts and washers for the barrel port. How to fit the pipe? Simply remove the old unit and look at the middle section, there is a weld around the front of the middle box. Cut through the pipe 25.4mm forward of this weld to separate the two pieces. This allows the new section to slide inside the middle box.  For any further information please contact Josh through the contact info provided. Many thanks

£275 INC Delivery (UK)

Yamaha TYZ 250 Stainless Steel Front Pipe

Brand new stainless steel construction with the later works expansion box on the front section to provide additional low end power and performance. These are a direct replacement for the origonal item from 1992 – 1997. These have been made from a very high quality 304 stainless to ensure quality and great looks! rally make a bike look and sound amazing. For any more infomation please feel free to call or email.

£350.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Yamaha TYZ Swinging Arm Chain Slipper Pad

Brand NEW Yamaha TYZ 250 (1992-1996) plastic chain slipper to ensure your swinging arm stays protected. These are an ideal replacement due to the OEM replacement being too expensive. Direct replacement and easy to fit. Contact to know more.

£40.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Yamaha TY 304 Stainless Steel Frame-Mounted Case Saver

Brand new stainless steel case saver designed to bolt onto the factory frame brackets for a superior strength over the engine mounted design. This will stop the chain in the event that it throws the chain off the drive sprocket. The engine mounted designs will break the tabs off the engine instead of stopping the force. The JP Custom Components & Restoration product comes with all the stainless hardware to mount the item! This product guarantees the safety of your engine cases. For anymore information please call Josh through the contact info.

£25.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Brand NEW Aluminium Kickstart for TY & TYZ models (1983-1996)

These are an ideal upgrade for anyone with a steel origonal. Srong and light they give a super trick look and feel to any machine. They will fit all the Yamaha Mono-shock bikes whether they are air or water cooled. Direct replacement allows easy fitment and use. For further infomation please contact Josh via the details provided.

£100.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Yamaha TY Pinky Engine Anti-vibration Rubbers (Genuine Items)

Genuine rubbers which have been supplied from a stockist in japan. These are the perfect item to stop vibration in the cylinder when the bike is running. For any further information please feel free to call any time.

£8.00 X1 / £30.00 X4 INC Delivery (UK)

Brand New Billet Aluminium TY Mono Clutch Case

These are a brand new product to the classic trials market. As many TY Mono owners will understand, the original cases are produced from magnesium which over time corrodes and becomes porous. This leads to oil leaking from the corroded areas and very little chance of repairing it to a correct standard. These new items will not have the same issues as the original due to being produced from aluminium and then finished in a black anodised coating, (Also can be purchased in bare aluminium if preferred.) These also come with a brand new oil filler bung and kick-start seal. Much time and effort has gone into the development of these products and we are very proud to be the first to offer them to the market. For more information please feel free to contact Josh through the contact info provided.

£285.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Plastic chain rollers (Stainless Steel bearing and bush)

These chain rollers are an excellent replacement for the original mild steel versions. Nine times out of ten the roller will fail due to the bearing becoming to rusty to turn. this will never happen. You can use these until the roller is  worn! 40mm diameter.

£10.00 INC Delivery (UK)

Green Grip Over-size / Standard Re-line Brake Shoes Service

These brake shoes are designed so that you can order two different sizes of shoe material, 4.0mm for standard drums and 4.8mm for worn drums. PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the correct size of break liner,  measure the diameter of the drum, then measure the shoe diameter, (on the brake plate) and let me know these two measurements before sending the brake shoes. This helps when your drum liner is worn from 40 years of breaking! Just send me your old shoes and let me know the size you would like and i’ll turn them around as fast as possible. Many people struggle with break shoes, they buy standard shoes and find they run out of adjustment in 5 minutes. This is because the drums are too big for the shoe diameter, these solve this issue. As well as this the material which is on the shoes is superior to the original. Many people assume that the Fantic 300 brake plates are the answer to getting better brakes, save your money and buy these. I have no doubts you’ll notice the difference, wet or dry conditions.

£30.00 Per Set EXC Delivery

PLEASE NOTE: This process can take up to a couple of weeks depending on shoe quantities. Please contact me for more information.

Motorcycle Kill Ignition Switch

All motorcycles in my personal opinion should be fitted with a kill switch. This is for safety and if you need to stop the bike in an emergency! Essential item for off-road use. Easy to fit and install. Any further questions please feel free to contact me.

£6.50 INC delivery (UK)

Brand New Yamaha TY / YZ Peaked Caps

These are a brand new design to the market. Made from quality materials allows the caps to have a great look and appeal. Also a adjustable strap allows one size to fit all and have a comfortable feel.. They really are a stand out hat in the off road scene whether you want blue or red. If you would like more than 1 cap please contact me to work out an offer. thanks.

£15.00 EXC Delivery